Our name Pearls originates from the Chinese characters 珍珠 (zhēn zhū), which contain the double meaning of both "pearls" and "boba". 

Our Pearls

Our pearls, or commonly known as boba, are made from tapioca starch which is extracted from the cassava root. They are soaked in natural raw cane sugar which result in a delicious chewy and sweet consistency, a great addition to any drink! We make our pearls hourly to ensure maximum quality and freshness.

Our Pressed Teas

We provide an assortment of green and black premium teas which are brewed on the spot. Our loose leaf teas are imported from all over the world, including the high mountains of Taiwan, South Africa, and Japan. We utilize only raw and natural cane sugar, unlike the fructose many other boba places use, to sweeten any of our teas to your liking.

Our Espresso

We like to support our local friends and industries. Our organic coffee beans come straight from Terranova Coffee Roasting Company, located right here in Sacramento. We have both light and dark roasts available, from Costa Rica and Sumantra respectively. 

Our Shaved Ice

Our shaved ice is shaved from blocks of flavored ice and crafted into a soft and lightweight consistency. Our fruit toppings are cut fresh daily to maximize tastiness!

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